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It hurts.

on December 16, 2013

It hurts. It really hurts when you fall for someone and you can’t tell him how you feel cause he’s leaving for the army.

it hurts cause you can see him for who he is and want to tell him that he is an amazing guy despite his insecurities.

It hurts when you see him in pain from his previous relationship and all you want to do is hug him tight and tell him that you will be here for him but he rather drinks with his mates to hide his pain.

it hurts. The feelings of emptiness, loneliness slowly creeping into your life. Have a good cry, my girl. Feel the loneliness so that you can appreciate the effort made by someone who wants to be in your life and stick by you for life. Feel the emptiness so that you can appreciate every hug, every kiss, every touch made by him. Be patient, my girl. You got to let this one go so that the man who is meant for you can come into your life. In the meantime, have fun with life. follow your dreams. Enjoy learning and growing. you know, so many people are scared to fall in love or trust in love but it’s better to live and love. It hurts but it’s worth it. Who knows, maybe..just maybe


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