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It hurts.

It hurts. It really hurts when you fall for someone and you can’t tell him how you feel cause he’s leaving for the army.

it hurts cause you can see him for who he is and want to tell him that he is an amazing guy despite his insecurities.

It hurts when you see him in pain from his previous relationship and all you want to do is hug him tight and tell him that you will be here for him but he rather drinks with his mates to hide his pain.

it hurts. The feelings of emptiness, loneliness slowly creeping into your life. Have a good cry, my girl. Feel the loneliness so that you can appreciate the effort made by someone who wants to be in your life and stick by you for life. Feel the emptiness so that you can appreciate every hug, every kiss, every touch made by him. Be patient, my girl. You got to let this one go so that the man who is meant for you can come into your life. In the meantime, have fun with life. follow your dreams. Enjoy learning and growing. you know, so many people are scared to fall in love or trust in love but it’s better to live and love. It hurts but it’s worth it. Who knows, maybe..just maybe

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kissing frogs to kissing prince charming

i recently came across a newspaper article where a research was done on 900 individuals and the gist of that research is that it is ok for ladies to be kiss-sluts to get their princes. Apparently kissing is a good trial run to sift thing through as a way to see what is out there. hmm….how accurate is this sieve? ¬†Since the girls and I planned a night out, i thought i might try being a kiss-slut. I am one of those girls who only kiss a guy when i am in a relationship. so to be a kiss-slut would be a challenge to me.

Heaps of drinks later and hoping that would give me some dutch courage to kiss some guys on the dance floor, i found it tough to initiate kissing. You probably say that I am picky but surely, i got to at least find a man attractive enough to have the desire to kiss him. Or am i no longer attracted to men?? My blokey housemate challenged me to a kiss-off and kept saying that i talked a big game but fail to live it up. i just could not kiss anyone. i don’t know how other girls do it but i can’t. There i was sitting on a bench, chilling out with him and his mates. And i told his mate that i got to kiss a guy tonight just to show my housemate that i could do this. I turned to look at my girl friend and the next thing i knew, his mate kissed me. I got kiss-raped for the 2nd time, in less than 2 months! I looked at him and said that was not a proper kiss. I went for another kiss and this time, it was nicer. now i know that i only kissed 1 guy and it is definitely not enough to ‘sift’ things through but getting kiss-raped twice¬†made me realised that i do enjoy kissing and i miss kissing.

But could i be a kiss-slut? No. Am i attracted to men? Yes. Could i be more open to kissing a few more men before my prince charming turn up? Maybe. Not because i believed that kissing is a good indicator that he would be a prince charming. but it is essentially taking the chance in love and hoping that the man you are kissing is your prince charming. Besides, kissing is fun! Why not kiss a few frogs and become a better kisser for your princess or prince charming? xx

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relationships. necessity or luxury?

My brother is a self-declared ‘mr always right’ and every now and then, he would ask me questions that require some sort of intelligent debate. however it is not easy to have a healthy discussion with him as he would never ever agree to disagree. I could spend hours with him and he would not agree that I have a valid point. Anyway, this evening’s question is ‘are relationships basic necessities or luxuries?’

My first thought was since when relationships are treated as objects?

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hello blogsphere!

I’m intrigued by blogging. for some reason, people find it interesting to read about people’s thoughts. I recently got my website setup and blogging is somehow essential to my business so I thought it would be a good idea to practice with this. so hello blogsphere and thank you for having me!

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